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Scanners : Microfilm Scanners : Wicks and Wilson Roll Film Scanners : 8850 Roll Film Scanstation

Featuring the latest in digitisation and image processing technology, the 8850 has been designed by Wicks and Wilson to automatically capture greyscale and bitonal images from roll film at the highest possible quality. The redesigned illumination and optical path, completely new camera system and unique image processing algorithms give unparalleled imaging results from all types and formats of roll film.


  • NVIDIA-based image processing with cutting-edge imaging algorithms developed by Wicks and Wilson specifically for microfilm
  • Instant on-screen display of changes to imaging settings - no need to rescan
  • Fully compatible with VIRTUAL SCANSTATION - the new off-line QA tool that dramatically enhances workflow, accuracy and productivity
  • Automated image location using either blip codes (up to four levels) or document edges.
  • Custom-designed lens - greater resolving power across all film types
  • New illumination system including holographic diffuser for superior results from every scan

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