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Auto Feeder ADF

Are you graying over the mounds of paper piling up around the office?

Leave it to the high speed ADF document scanners to take care of all your documentation needs and get rid of all that paper in no time!

ADF is Automatic Document Feeder. The document scanners come with a special document feeder system, where the operators keeps a bunch of documents and the scanner picks papers one by one and scans at a very high speed. Also known as Sheetfed Scanners these scanners can scan loose documents from the input tray one by one automatically, scan them and deliver them in ouput tray.

ADF scanners are generally known by there speeds in the terminology of PPM - Pages Per Minute. Scanning speed of A4 documents at 200 dpi is normally the benchmark under test conditions mentioned in the technical details of the scanner. These speeds do not included the tme of operator keeping the paper in the tray, PC receiving the image and processing them - dekew (straighten) or crop them.

The ADF can normally scan a longer page (legal size 8.5" x 14") as compared to A4 size. The ADF scanner of A3 size can scan A4 pages in landscape mode very conveniently and this process takes lesser time as compared to portrait mode of scanning.

High-speed document scanners are designed for personal and business users alike who are looking for a high-quality document imaging solution with a limited budget. The high performance is achieved through the built-in 50-100 pages Auto Document Feeders (ADF) to scan at fast speed of 18-50 pages per minute.

What is best, some of the scanners are designed with a few buttons to increase the ease of use. By pressing the Scan button, the scanning job can be completed in a minute and the scanned image can be sent directly to a preconfigured software application such as e-mail, printer, or other image-editing applications to improve your efficiency.

A4 Duplex Scanners

The built-in automatic document feeder allows high speed scanning while scanning of both sides of pager at one time.


Production Scanners

Highly productive and low consumables cost production scanner deliver volumes you would want to do!


A3 ADF Scanners

A3 Size high speed scanners - Duplex (scan both sides) with capable to scan mixed office documents..


A4 Simplex Scanners

Simplex - One Side Scanners but high speed and volumes...