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The New Windows 7 compatible BCS-2® Scan- and Capturing Software was especially aligned to the specific needs when scanning books, magazines and other bound documents. This software has been widely used by all the Bookeye Scanner owners in India for production level delivery for many years now.

Many familiar and improved features are supplemented by newly implemented functions and modules in the new BCS-2® software. Stabilisation and performance enhancement result in a higher productivity in service.

New BCS-2® modules/features

  • ImageSuite: functional library for automatic image manipulation
  • IndexSuite: flexible meta-data creation on several levels which can be entered during or after the scanning process
  • ExportSuite: increased export functionality, i.e. transferring of scan orders or meta-data from BCS-2®; offers maximum flexibility in terms of configuration and adjustments
  • ImportModul: simplifies the import of scan orders or scans from third party systems into BCS-2®

Version 3.4 - New Functions

  • Windows 7 compatibility
  • JPEG 2000 support
  • ICC profile treatment
  • WalkUp solution for self service

Stabilization and increased performance result in a higher efficiency in service. The integration of the WalkUp module builds the foundation for the application of the software solution in the self service segment. At the same time, the new BCS-2® version serves as the basis for the connection and operation of new modules, such as the ImageSuite, IndexSuite and the ExportSuite. The BCS-2® Report Generator records user data and productivity.

BCS-2® Basic License

  • Windows 7 support
  • Separation of program and file directories: simplifies the flexible saving of data for further
  • JPEG 2000 support: allows for connections to Digital Asset Management systems
  • WalkUp module: intuitive interface for the self service segment which makes scanning easier and increases capacity utilization
  • Scan profiles: configuration of order-linked scan settings by BCS-2® administrators makes scanning easier for operators
  • Dynamic order types: this function allows for individual scan order types to be created and the corresponding workflow processes to be flexibly adjusted
  • Color Tracking for ImageTools: the fill-color for the “Whiten inside”, “Whiten outside” and deskew functions can be individually defined with the Color Tracker
  • ICC profile treatment: correct reproduction even when switching components; BCS-2® respects existing ICC profiles; an ICC profile can also be attached to a single image, deleted or saved in a separate file

New Functions of the Additional Modules
Self service: Support of the printing administration component Q-Pilot

OCR: RTF files are now supported in addition to searchable PDFs allowing for new editing possibilities

IndexSuite: OCR data is displayed directly in the active index field speeding up the indexation process and reducing input errors

Report Generator (formerly Journal module): new parameters to query operational data such as scanner scan counts (e.g. Bookeye®).

Multiple reports can be defined and exported as a CSV file for post-evaluation. Quick-view via HTML is also supported.

New Modules

IndexSuite for capturing meta data and creating hierarchical structure data, including the functionalities of the ExportSuite (available for a fee)

ExportSuite for transferring images and meta data. Multiple transfer targets and transfer channels can be defined. The directory structures to be exported can be freely defined. Templates for connection to Goobi, CONTENTdm, MediaTUM, DFG-Viewer and MyBib eRoom are available. The ExportSuite also supports virtual page-splitting, so images will be time-savingly split upon transfer (available for a fee)

ImageSuite for automatic cropping of images (service available for a fee)

System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows 7

Upgrade of Existing BCS-2® Versions
To upgrade your existing BCS-2® installation to version 3.4 please write to with your Bookeye Serial Number.