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Batch Scan Wizard - BSW from ImageAccess Germany, bundled in India with all Bookeye, Widetek Wide Format and WT25 Flatbed Scanners for bulk Scanning.

  • Automated scanning of high volume source documents
  • Easy configuration with templates
  • Hotkeys - frequently used operations at the press of a key
  • ScanTool - free choice of image sections
  • Variable page splitting
  • Time saving, high data throughput

The Batch Scan Wizard enables the user to automate scanning large quantities of documents. The software expedites the data throughput and reduces operational tasks substantially. A batch is started either using the foot switch or the user interface of the Batch Scan Wizard. The operator creates jobs and configures templates. In addition to the standard scan parameters like brightness, contrast, color mode or file format; the Batch Scan Wizard offers further functions.

ScanTool enables operators to predefine specific areas of a document to extract, scan and save them as separate images. A previously scanned document can be modified and the resulting image quality improved without having to rescan.

Batch Scan Wizard: Less Operational Tasks - High Document Throughput

PageSplitting enables variable splitting of the scanned page. The operator can configure frequently used functions and operations on hotkeys and activate them with the single press of a key. Even complex operations can be configured for hotkeys. For example, Batch Scan Wizard enables the operator to create several scans in different color modes (i.e., in color, greyscale and bitonal modes) all at the same time.
The Batch Scan Wizard enhances and complements the Scan2Net® functionality. The software is available for purchase and for download online in the Image Access Customer Service Portal.

Scan2Net® Software
For Scanning of Bound Documents
without Annoying Shadows

  • Automatically flattens the book fold
  • Better readability of bound documents
  • Ideal for use with OCR software thanks to the improved character recognition

Characters are often distorted in the middle of a scanned image of a book, when operators are scanning thick bound documents. The Scan2Net® software option Book Fold Correction effectively reduces annoying shadows and distortions of bound documents.
The operator simply activates the option Book Fold Correction in the user interface. The software recognizes the rapid declining book fold and reduces the skew. The scan is started and the bulge of the book fold will be electronically flattened and removed. Using the Book Fold Correction the scanner achieves considerably better reproduction quality of curved documents.