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The Study of Chromosome GELS - Solution by Microtek When processing biology or medical researches, it is usually necessary to preserve the after-studied images. When capturing images, the most troublesome task is that the images to be preserved may not be dry during taking.

The ongoing samples may come with biological mucus or tissue fluid. It then becomes critical about how to capture images of these wet samples fast and preserve them for the use later.

Microtek's professional Bio scanners and the ScanWizard Bio software, users can easily capture and preserve images of these important researches.

Three different Models are available for Biological Laboratories:

  1. Bio 5000 Professional Gel Scanner for Gel Electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting, etc. The Bio-5000, presenting greater image quality, has great features including 4800 optical resolution, 48-bit color, 0.05 O.D., and 4.0 Dmax,which delivers astonishing, sharpness and detailed image. With the Auto Focus technology, no matter the scanned target is uneven or crease reflective, Bio-5000 can solve problems, which presents near-original images.  For more Details Click Here.
  2. Bio-6000T A3 Size Gel Scanner with Leak-Free Removable Glass Holder. Bio-6000T provides high image quality with the technical characteristics: 3200-dpi optical resolution, 48-bit color & 0.05D ~ 3.77D, which delivers astonishing, sharpness, detailed, and near-original images. Not only with high image quality but also with large size scanning area. As large as 12" x 16" leak-free scan bed, the Bio-6000T is the best choice to digitize big size gel images and offer a total solution including powerful software features for biological professionals and researchers.  For more Details click HERE.



Bio 5000 Plus

Professional Gel Scanner, is perfectly designed to capture images of biological samples either dry or wet:


Bio 6000T

A3 Size Gel Scanner with Leak-Free Removable Glass Holder