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Book Scanning is a very different scanning as compared to document or photo scanning. All Manufacturers of different book scanners offer some kind or the other of Software for scanning and Indexing of books. VIKMANS has identified the best use software among them to get the best productivity from each of the Book Scanners.

The Book Scanning software basically provide you means and ways to scan a book, correct its distortion of curvature in binding, scan two pages and split them in two images, straighten these pages, crop the pages to a standard size, number them, insert meta text for the book and so on..All features are not available in every software or scanner and prodcution speed also varies for each scanner.

Production people or Service Bureau require very high quality of image cleaning, distortions to be corrected, text edges sharpening, shading of gray or BW to be uniform on full page, background & border cleaning or uniformity, color matching, resolution correction. These are few of the features required by them.

Workflow of Scanning and image saving in different formats is yet another challange in Book Scanning. Conversion of the text (English) is another challange which OCR software can take care. But OCR software do not deliver true running column formatting with meta text tags.

Please read the subsequent pages and features of each of the software in this section to find interesting solutions. These software will enhance your production by multiple volumes, reduce your post scanning manpower, mandays and investments costly image editing software. You will be able to deliver the pages scanned in a day to the customer by the end of the day using one or two licenses per scanner.

Do write to us with your requirements, illustration of work you are doing for guidance in choosing the right soulution at the best price possible.


Batch Scan Wizard

The Scan2Net® software option Book Fold Correction effectively reduces annoying shadows and distortions of bound documents



ScanGate™ is a powerful stand-alone software for your digitization needs and can be simply integrated in existing scanner and IT environments



The New Windows 7 compatible BCS-2® Scan- and Capturing Software is especially aligned to the specific needs when scanning books, magazines and other bound documents


ScanFlow™ Professional

ScanFlow™ is a comprehensive and powerful software solution for the optimization of your production workflow in the field of mass digitization.



Featured Product : Best Buy
A2+ Size Bookeye4 Kiosk Grayscale V Shape  

A2+ Size Bookeye4 Kiosk Grayscale V Shape

  • V Shape Book Cradle & Flat both
  • Built in Large Monitor
  • High Speed, UV & IR Free, Touch Control Panel

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