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The Solar CopyMaster is a sophisticated yet easy to use overhead copier for copying books and documents the way you read them; face up. And just like the human eye it automatically focuses on the subject. For those who wish to print or copy to another computer on the same network or output to digital storage such as CD or a USB device then the CopyMaster provides familiar tools to do so.

Inside the CopyMaster is a high specification computer with which the user interacts via the customary flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse. In fact the CopyMaster can easily double as a normal computer for everyday computing tasks. The CopyMaster adjusts automatically to the light conditions so the optional attachable lights are seldom required. Other options include book cradles for added support and kiosk style software for those users less familiar with computers or for additional computer security.

Image Sensor CMOS
Auto focus zoom lens
Light Source
Environment or lights
Capture Speed 
0.5 seconds
Integrated computer, monitor, Microsoft XP Professional
Keyboard, mouse
Ethernet, USB 2.0, Parallel

Output media
CD-R, USB drives


Output format RAW, JPEG, TIFF



Electrical Requirements 220 VAC (110VAC option)



Dimensions H 80 x W 71.5 x D 63cm



  • Cold Lights
  • Book Cradles
  • Printer A4, A3, A2, A1, A0

The Solar A2 Book Cradle has been designed to gently present a flat image to the scanning camera.

Books are placed by the operator on a soft sponge base or alternatively on the optional self adjusting balanced cradle. The unique design of the pivoted glass lid allows the operator to softly compress the book with minimum pressure.

The book cradle may be supplied as an integrated option on the Solar CopyMaster or alternatively as a standalone system for integration to most camera stands.

Addition options for the standalone system include:

  • Lights
  • Balanced Cradle
  • Camera Column
  • Camera Column Fittings


Standalone Dimensions
W60 D50 H10 cm
(without accessories)
Max Book Spine





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A2+ Size Bookeye4 Kiosk Grayscale V Shape

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  • Built in Large Monitor
  • High Speed, UV & IR Free, Touch Control Panel

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