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Data Capture

Scanning technology in conjuction with the software technologies built on artificial intelligence have brought sea change the way information from the paper can be fed into computer.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology converts a scanned non editable image into an editable text file.

OMR (Optical Mark Reader) technology converts by scaning an objective type questionnaire (multiple choices in form of oval, bubbles, squares on paper) filled by applicant into a database.  

ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technology converts a form filled with data - printed or handfilled into a database without typing. This had been made possibl by the introduction of the machine readable forms with boxes. The applicant writes in Capitals in separated letters one in each box. The software using atemplate converts each information into a data field in database.   

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) technology converts the information normally in digits on Cheques into database as if a typist typed it using a numeric keypad.

Bar Code Recognition technology converts printed bars on the appliation forms in different widths and height into a digital number, which can be used to rename the image for easy identification, archival and retrieval.

A large variety of software technologies are available in the world to achieve purpose of automatic capture of data on papers. Some of them are built into the scanners, some are pre-installed in driver of the scanner, some are bundled free in lite versions for the users to taste and evaluate them. They are also available as stand alone software for bulk use.

Intelligent Character Recognition

Intelligent Character Recognition Software convert the hand-filled Machine Readable forms into database records without typing from scanned images.



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