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Nainuwa™ - Digital Library, open your mind

Nainuwa™ is a fast image publishing system for an enjoyable search feeling. Huge data volume can be easily managed and with additional information enriched.
The innovative image displaying makes image loading fast and efficient.


What is Nainuwa™?

Nanuwa™ is a SDMPS (Scanned Document Management and Presentation System), based on Open Source software, bundled together in a very effective way.

Why... do anyone need Nainuwa™?

If you have a few books or a whole library, you need an interface to your content. A simple interface could be you operation system, where you can access your content through the file browser. When it comes to search and find specific content based on  metadata or fulltext, the tools provided by you operating system, quickly come to an end. Fulltext search in one book is an easy task. Searching in more then one could be difficult and even if it is possible, the results are often very insufficient. Watching on big image is no big deal, watching thousands of them and find relations is. Nainuwa™ provides you this interface.

Scanned Document

A scanned documents is very special kind of content. Depending on the source and what I would like to do with it, the content could be divided into three different types.

  • Image-based documents
  • Text-based documents
  • Structured documents

Nainuwa™ provides modules with special features for each type.


Because of the natural complexity of such a system, it is necessary to provide a very simple and effective management layer. All management and administration tasks are bundled into a single system.

  • User
  • Content
  • Metadata
  • Server
  • Access
  • Interfaces
  • ...


Presentation is one of the main parts of Nainuwa™. Every content type has a  special view, depending what and how the user should see it. There are special modules for each purpose, all managed within a single presentation layer.

  • MultiScaleImages for high quality images
  • Epub or PDF for text documents
  • BookReader for books
  • Pivot for linked content
  • ...


  • Innovative image display
  • Intuitive search and sort functions
  • Fast and efficient image loading
  • Stepless zooming & Enhanced viewing experience
  • Easy meta data enrichment and management


If you like to see the features in action please conntact our sales team

  • Bookshelf
  • Bookmarks
  • High Speed Full Text Search
  • Search Inside Books
  • Highlighting On Image
  • Crop Images
  • Generate pdfs "on the fly"
  • ePub for mobile devices
  • Fast Metadata Editor
  • Advanced Facet View
  • Web based OCR Correction Stations
  • User defined web views
  • User defined Interfaces (OAI-PMH)
  • Workflows
  • Wiki like system
  • Geolocation Facets
  • Secure download control
  • Bookreader

Nainuwa™ could be used as a service, hosted by one of our service providers for low size projects. For high size projects there are 3 different versions available.

  NNW 500 NNW 1000 NNW 10000
Pages 500.000 1.000.000 10.000.000
Collections 1 10 unlimited
User x x x
Groups   x x
Search Server optional 1 unlimited
Image Server optional 1 unlimited
Images x x x
Books x x x
Newspapers   x x
Maps   x x
PDF x x x
ePub   x x
Cropping x x x
E-Commerce optional optional optional
Metadata Editor x x x
Mets/Mods export optional optional optional
OCR Service x x x
OCR Server optional optional optional
OAI Interface   x x