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SilverFast DC is a complete solution for working with digital cameras. No other software is needed to create brilliant images from your camera! All functions required from input via processing to printing output - SilverFast DC handles it all!

The Virtual Light Table "VLT" provides the photographer with the essential working space to organize, manage, and process digital images. In one place, the photographer can view all images as thumbnail, search for images, create image archives, attach comments to images, generate a contact sheet of the complete work space, and print single images at high resolution. For each image, the photographer can also retrieve critical EXIF information from his digital image files. A special feature of the Virtual Light Table is its unique "Zoom" function. To get a complete impression of a given image, the user can monitor the image at larger size in the overview or the album window. In this mode, the mouse pointer acts as a virtual zoom and shows the desired image area at full resolution in the "Zoom Area" window. The user can utilize this control to evaluate the 1:1 sharpness and details within the image.

Why SilverFast DC Software?

  • Work like a Pro
  • Control the workflow
  • Use the full potential of the camera's raw format
  • Apply SilverFast's professional color correction
  • Enhance your image quality
  • Generate printable files
  • Make use of many cameras
  • Work on Mac or PC

For all listed digital cameras SilverFast also fully supports Adobe DNG as an input format. If a camera is not listed as supported, not all camera information might be present in the DNG file. Still, such DNG files can of course be read and processed by SilverFast digital camera software.

If your camera or the relevant profile is not available it can be created through us. For this purpose LaserSoft Imaging needs your ready-to-use camera (including a lens, battery, etc.) for approx. 2 hours at its company headquarters in Kiel, Germany. Only a few test-shots under controlled light are needed for this procedure