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Document scanners are designed to convert large amounts of single-sided and double-sided paper documents into images. Originals can be in color and black and white, and vary in size from a bank check up to 11x17 or larger. Based on the number of sides scanned in a single pass may be referred to as Simplex or Duplex.

Depending on the volume of paper a document scanner can handle it can be classified as low, medium high or production scanner. With the large number of document scanners available in the market, selecting an ideal scanner can be confusing.

VIKMANS team members first understand your needs and then help you identify the scanner which is most suited for all your scanning needs. These scanner can be broadly classified into further categories. Click on any of the pictures on left to see the range of Flatbed, ADF and ADF+Flatbed Scanners and again in various sizes.

  1. Flatbed Scanners to Scan the pages one by one kept upside down on the glass of the scanner. Document Scanners in this category allow you to scan with the lid open which means a very fast throughput.
  2. ADF means Automatic Document Feeder. These scanners separate the bunch of pages in the input tray and feed the scanner with papers one after the another automatically to scan at high speed. These scanners are capable to scan single side and double side together in single scan. Technically called as Sheet Fed Scanners also.
  3. ADF+Flatbed. These are the scanners which are combination of the above two types of scanners ADF and Flatbed Both.
  4. Production Scanners - High Speed, Heavy Duty, Huge Daily Duty Cycle and Lots of Features for Automation while Scanning.
  5. Hybrid Scanners. These are the scanners which are combination of the Flatbed + Book or Document Scanning + Microfilm Camera.



Auto Feeder ADF

 Leave it to the high speed ADF document scanners to take care...


Flatbed+ADF Scanners

High Speed Automatic Document Feeder with a Flatbed to scan the mixed lot of documents.


Flatbed Scanners

Heavy Duty, High Speed Professional use variety of Flatbed Scanners.



Featured Product : Best Buy
WideTEK 36  

WideTEK 36

  • Scan to FTP
  • 1200 x 600 dpi true optical resolution
  • 12 square meters/minute continuous scanning

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