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Products : Scanners : Hybrid Book+Microfilm+FB

We also have Multipurpose scanners for Scanning of Maps Drawings - Flatbed + Book Scanners for scanning of bound volumes in various size. A0, A1, A2 scanners from PROSERV Germany are High Speed Hybrid Scanners.

Dual Purpose Scanners for delivering two types of output are also called Hybrid Scanners - Microfilm Camera and Document Scanners from Pro Serv Germany are the Hybrid Scanners available with us.

A0-Scanner Flatbed

The flat bed scanner for digitalising in Color, Black/White and Greyscale – ScannTECH 600-fb

For challenging applications in the Cartography and GIS, Surveying technology

  • Machine construction and Architecture, Reprography and Copying Service
  • 600 x 600 dpi optical solution
  • Unique is the Daylight system! The ambient light has no influence on the Scan
  • Format A0 (125 cm x 91.5 cm) Format larger than A0, Unlimited sections can be scanned
  • Book height up to 15 cm
  • Sharpness in to the edges of the draft
  • User friendly Scann and Editing Software, PROView


Featured Product : Best Buy


  • Fast Speed 2500 pages/ hour
  • Handle Rare and Fragile Books with wavy pages very Gently
  • High Image Quality, LED Lighting - without UV , IR or Heat Radiation

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