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EMC Captiva ISIS (Image and Scanner Interface Specification) driver is the industry standard enterprise-level interface that works with most scanners to communicate seamlessly with applications.

ISIS drivers ensure scanners run at their rated speeds or higher and enables you to take full advantage of the power inherent in your scanners and other imaging machines.

The ISIS architecture is based on modules—software components that perform specific imaging functions such as image acquisition, file conversion, data extraction, and file read/write commands.

This means you can add new modules without making system-wide changes—simply add what you need where it’s needed.

EMC Captiva ISIS delivers:


Features Benefits
Compatibility Choose an ISIS driver for virtually any scanner model and support all hardware interfaces, including USB, SCSI, and FireWire.
Toolkits Reduce development time with scanner drivers, as well as predefined imaging modules.
Modular architecture Upgrade or add scanners as needed, knowing your application will support these new investments.



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