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Microfilm Cameras

Microfilm Writers and Cameras for 100% Long Term Archiving.

Conservation through microfilming is the technically simple and economical way to ensure long term archival of important documents in a small space. Currently, other digital storage medium (CD, DVD, HDD, Tape) cannot attain the Microfilm's rapprochement shelf life. Therefore, the microfilming is securing long term archival of library material, despite the rapid development of digital storage media will also be indispensable in future.

Scanning through Specialised Microfilm Cameras you can ensure good quality and perfect archival. VIKMANS offers a wide variety and range of Microfilm Cameras and scanners. We offer scanners for scanning of all kinds of your documents (books, registers, drawings, office documents, maps or land records) and exposing them on the Microfilms in a secured way, at competitive pricing without compromising on high quality required in Microfilm creation.

We offer Hybrid Systems to Scan and also make Microfilm to avoid duplicate work. This ensures handling of fragile and important documents only once and you have both arvhives - Digital and Microfilm.

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A1 Size Bookeye3 Gray Scale  

A1 Size Bookeye3 Gray Scale

  • Scans Oversize originals larger than A1 format
  • 100 % UV- and IR-free light
  • Integrated motorised book cradle with 100 mm lift

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