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Microfilm, Microfiche and aperture cards have provided an economical alternative for preservation and storage of high-volume and pictures. Microfilm is the only medium that has survived the continual upgrading of electronic technologies.

Microfilms are created by using a special camera capable of photographing at a reduced scale. Through the technology of these cameras, the document can be reduced up to 99% from its original size. A microfilm looks exactly like a film negative used by a photographer in the camera for taking photographs, but they contain images in a very small size and cannot be read without optical assistance.
Microfilm Scanners provide imaging equipment for the electronic distribution of document images stored on all microforms. Microfilm scanners are highly specialized devices for digitizing roll film, fiche, and aperture cards. These scanners can be used purely as microfilm scanners, to create a digital archive of microfilms or used as a reader printer, sending prints to standard network printers. 

VIKMANS offers a wide range of scanners and readers for Libraires, Research foundations, Archives, Museums to cater to any size of scanning requirements of microfilm, microfiche, Photographic films or Microcard scanning. These are scanners and not Microfilm Writers, Processors of Duplicators to create Roll Films, but we offer them also.

  • UScan - Latest Compact 4-in-1 Microfilm, Microficeh, Photo Scanner
  • ScanPro 2000 automatic Roll Film and Fiche Scanner
  • 8850 Scan Station - Fast Automatic Roll Film Scanner
  • RS ScanStation Series - 400-600 dpi of High Speed Automatic Roll film Scanner
  • FS ScanStation Series - 400 to 600 dpi Microfiche Scanning
  • Roll film Readers and Accessories
  • ScanPro 800 Roll Film and Fiche Scanner
  • Solar Professional 4000
  • Solar Professional 3000



Solar Professional 3000

Connected and powered via a single USB 2.0 connection to a computer the Professional allows researchers to easily scroll through microfilm..


Wicks and Wilson Roll Film Scanners

Wicks and Wilson manufacture a complete range of Scanstations capable of automatic batch conversion of both 16mm and 35mm roll film...



Latest 4-in-1 Compact Microfilm Scanner from Wicks & Wilson...


Microfilm Reader Accessories

Microfilm Reader, Static Cleaner, Splicer...


Solar Professional 4000

With its low price and a very small foot print the Professional brings affordable and compact digital microfilm options to every Archive and Library.


Wicks and Wilson Microfiche Scanners

Normal sheet film to Jackets, AB Dick fiche, COM, 16 and 35mm combination jackets, silver or diazo , negative or positive scan them all


ScanPro 2000

Compact, 7 to 54 x or 7 to 105 x, Fast, Automatic, Fiche / Roll film / Touch Screen..


SL 1000

The SL1000 digital film scanner offers a powerful and compact scanning solution for all your microforms.



Featured Product : Best Buy
A2+ Size Bookeye4 Kiosk COLOR V Shape  

A2+ Size Bookeye4 Kiosk COLOR V Shape

  • V Shape and Flat Cradle Both
  • Ultra High Speed, Network Ready, Tri Linear CCD
  • Built in Monitor & Touch Panel

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