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Making sense of Indian documents

Accurate and fast digitization of Hindi, Marathi, and Sanskrit - First time in India by Indsenz, Germany.

HindiOCR, MarathiOCR, and SanskritOCR are OCR programs for converting printed Hindi, Marathi, and Sanskrit texts into digital, editable text documents in Devanagari-Unicode format. OCR ("optical character recognition") programs take scanned Devanagari text and transform it automatically into computer readable text files.

OCR programs are used successfully by data entry companies, publishing houses and universities - whenever large amounts of Hindi and Sanskrit text have to be digitized in short time and high quality.


ind.senz OCR programs or "Hindi scanners" achieve high accuracy rates on typical Devanagari fonts.

Try the free demo versions with your data!

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Sanskrit at your fingertip

ind.senz presents a new generation of smartphone applications for Indian languages: Sanskrit at your fingertip provides classical Sanskrit texts with rich grammatical and lexicographic annotation and Sandhi resolved, in an interactive and smart design.



Download GitaReader apps for Android or iPhone from the app stores!

More about the GitaReader apps for Android and iPhone

Linguistic tagging software

ind.senz has developed the freeware tool SanskritTagger. SanskritTagger creates lexical and morphological analyses of digital Sanskrit texts and offers a workspace for the linguistic and textual analysis of the Sanskrit literary tradition.
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