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A film scanner converts the image on a film negative or slide into a digital image file on a computer.The better alternative for creating large images to print is to use a film scanner to scan the film instead of the prints Scanning film, slides or negatives, will most always produce better digital images than scanning prints. 
Film and slides are original images, therefore they have high resolution, strong contrast, amazing range of color, and great degree of detail whereas prints are second generation copies of the original film and hence not contain less detail compared to the negative they were made from.

Film scanners are often called slide scanners, but they scan both slides and negatives. Film scanners can accept either strips of 35 mm or 120 film, or individual slides. Low-end scanners typically only take 35mm film strips, while medium- and high-end film scanners often have interchangeable film loaders. Hence one scanning platform can be used for different sizes and packaging.

Some film scanners are combined with flatbed scanners that process print images, outfitted with specialty dust removers, compartments that scan more than one negative at a time, and adapters for slides. They are convenient tools to remove scratches and dust on the film that cannot be cleaned or smoothed mechanically.

You can find a film scanner best suited for your needs amongst scanners offered by VIKMANS here.



Microtek ArtixScan F2

High-value dual-media scanner features versatility, performance and value for photos & film.



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ScanMaker 9800XL-TMA1600 (with TMA)  

ScanMaker 9800XL-TMA1600 (with TMA)

  • Removes Noise and Scraches while scanning
  • LaserSoft SilverFast Ai Pro included with the scanner
  • Special Web Price

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