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Printers, especially multifunction devices, depend significantly on a good software to utilize their full potential. LaserSoft Imaging believes, more than just a simple print function for a picture or document must be available.
SilverFast immediately adapted to the extended needs of today`s users and developed the ONLY software able to scan, correct, enhance and print any image in a completely color-managed and professional way.

Just a few of SilverFast`s outstanding features:

  • Images can easily be printed in accordance with the customers requirements
  • Contact sheets with individually selected images can be printed
  • Pictures can be positioned automatically or manually on the preview, with the aid of grids and auxiliary lines.
  • Images can be scaled, mirrored, rotated at any angle or cropped in size.
    Individual textures may be assigned to each image.
  • Text can be positioned above, underneath or besides the images, aligned left, right or center.
  • IPTC or EXIF meta data can be assigned to images as well.
  • Custom text, freely formatted in font, size, style, color and adjustment can be added.
  • Create great looking headlines is a snap!
  • The input of copyright notice - with a single click, a copyright notice can be added to as many pictures as desired.

PrinTao is a successful print software which supports templates, allowing to reduce repetitive steps in the layout process - either by predefined templates (included in PrinTao Printer Software) or by creating your own.

Press comment:
"PrinTao offers the opportunity to print my pictures directly or even to send a reliable proof to my printer. I can create layouts contact sheets and print them using the built in color management without any external application."
Karsten Kettermann