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LaserSoft Imaging has gained 25 years experience in the development of imaging software. The redevelopment of SilverFast has built on this wealth of experience. The combination of various innovative ideas and the integration of current software technology has created SilverFast 8 which is regarded as the best scanner software.

Create professional looking images from your scanner and digital cameras. Create Large Prints with true colors from your printers using LaserSoft Imaging Products.

LaserSoft Imaging supports the following scanner manufacturer: Agfa, Apple, Avision, BenQ (Acer), Braun Phototechnik, Canon, Crosfield, Epson, Heidelberg (Linotype), Howtek, HP, Kaiser, Kodak, LaCie, Leaf, Leica, Mediax, Microtek, Minolta, Nikon, Pacific Image Electronics, PFU, Plustek, Polaroid, Praktica & Kaiser, Quatographic, Reflecta, Samsung, SmartDisk, Storm, Umax.

Regardless of the effective dynamic range supplied, the file will always become a 48 bit file. Normal scanning software saves images into a 24 bit file, discarding the extra information created by the scanner. 48 bit files retain all of the information supplied.

Generate perfect RAW data from your scans! SilverFast from version 6.6. allows the perfect generation of digital RAW data - the best way to protect your precious memories against destruction, loss and fading!

The unique HDRi* feature is the final step for complete HDR scans. The scanner delivers RAW data through SilverFast which contain all readable image information, and now even contain the information from the infrared channel. This file can then be used for further image optimization, regardless of where and when you choose to work on it! List of scanners, which support HDRi

Printers, especially multifunction devices, depend significantly on a good software to utilize their full potential. LaserSoft Imaging believes, more than just a simple print function for a picture or document must be available. 

SilverFast 8 is our recommended accessory for achieving best results scanning photographs, slides, negatives or X-Rays.

Printing SilverFast

Printers, especially multifunction devices, depend significantly on a good software to utilize their full potential.


Scanner SilverFast

SilverFast comes as a standalone application and also as an Adobe Photoshop or TWAIN plugin.


Photo Editing Sliverfast

The HDR Studio version comes with all features of HDR and DCPro + AACO, JPEG 2000, USMPlus, Clone Tool, PrinTao and optional SilverFast PhotoProof.


Digital Camera SilverFast

No other software is needed to create brilliant images from your camera!



Featured Product : Best Buy
ScanMaker 9800XL-TMA1600 (with TMA)  

ScanMaker 9800XL-TMA1600 (with TMA)

  • Removes Noise and Scraches while scanning
  • LaserSoft SilverFast Ai Pro included with the scanner
  • Special Web Price

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