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ScanGate™ is a powerful stand-alone software for your digitization needs and can be simply integrated in existing scanner and IT environments.

Moreover ScanGate™ offers an integrated workflow module to automate local image processing, user and system tasks. 

Benefits of ScanGate

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ADVANTAGES - general functions

  •  Easy and intuitive
  •  Meta data interface
  •  Real-time preview for fast quality control
  •  Comprehensive processing functions
  •  Applicable for different scanner hardware
Scanning interfaces for ScanGate

ADVANTAGES - integrated workflow module

  • Create your own individual workflows
  • Automated batch processing & image treatment
  • Comprehensive image import functions
  • Fully compatible with the ScanFlow™ Professional software environment


  • Meta data handling
    Bibliographic meta data*
    Work flow meta data*
    Meta data for document delivery*
  • Recognition functions
    Automatic border recognition
    Border evaluation (e.g. Page size, page spread, page alignment, distances,...)
    Automatic background color recognition
Automatic background removing function of ScanGate

  • Image shape functions
  • Image optimization functions
    Automatic background removing
    Automatic achromatism reducing
    Automatic Moiré effect removing
Area protection function of ScanGate

  • Reprint functions
    Area protection
    Automatic despeckling
    Area removing

  • Image overlay functions
    Adding rule
    Adding watermark
    Adding trim mark
  • Planetary scanner functions
    Automatic split line detection
    Page splitting
    Page combining
    Interlink & re-interlink pages
Automatic split line detection and Page splitting function of ScanGate

  • General functions
    Image scaling
    Color management - ICC profiles
    OCR interface (optional)
  • Standard image functions
    Format conversion
    Brightness / contrast adaption
    Unsharp masking
    Page rotation / flipping
  • Structure functions
    One dimensional structuring of the pages (groups)
    Group naming
  • Optionals
    Scanner interfaces
  • Copy & uploading functions
    Image copying / uploading
    Copying / uploading of pdf/a**, DjVu, pdf (incl. OCR layer)**,
    XML, doc**, rtf**, csv**, plain text** files
    Meta data copying / uploading
  • Storage formats*
    jpg, jpg2000, tiff, tiff G4, png, gif, bmp,
    pdf/a**, DjVu, pdf (incl. OCR layer)**,
    XML, doc**, rtf**, csv**, plain text**

    *) All formats can be stored simultaneously.
    **) In combination with the OCR software.

Image processing examples

Images of the ScanRobot

Image processing with ScanGate

Images of planetary scanners

Image processing with ScanGate