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 Scan Pro 2000

The ScanPro 2000 is the micrographic equipment of choice in the world’s most prestigious libraries, archives, museums and corporations. Its cutting-edge software offers a wide variety of viewing and editing functions while remaining easy to use.

The ultra-compact ScanPro 2000 is a universal scanner that features high-resolution optics and fast, high-resolution scanning at all magnifications. It has a desktop footprint the size of two sheets of letter-sized paper and can easily fit into almost any location.

Cutting edge software, including advanced OCR technology lets you automatically locate selected words on your microfilm and and to link to secondary sources of information when doing research. And with a single click you can create word searchable PDF's.

The REMOTE-Access feature, standard on all units, makes that information accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, using a PC with an internet connection.

The ultra-compact ScanPro® 2000 has a desktop footprint the size of two sheets of letter-sized paper.

Compact Design

The NEW ScanPro 2000 microfilm scanner, jis ultra compact with a desktop foot print the size of two sheets of letter paper. It utilizes heavy gauge steel throughout and all moving parts use steel bearings for smooth, reliable, precision film movement. This microfilm scanner is designed for the rigors of public use applications and provides many powerful, time saving features for working with your microform images quickly and efficiently. And, when space availability is important, fits almost anywhere.

The ScanPro 2000 is only 7.5 inch high with a desk top footprint equal to two sheets of letter paper. It doesn't have external brackets, lens rings, and operator assembly adjustments that can be misadjusted or damaged. The sturdy, integrated ScanPro 2000 design provides reliable performance in public use applications.


  • Custom high resolution lens
  • Integrated, precision digital film controller
  • Optical zoom lenses 7 to 54 x or 7 to 105x
  • Fast, smooth optical zoom
  • Fiche, ultra fiche, roll film, opaques, ap cards
  • Touch screen capability option
  • Vista and Win 7 support
  • ADA complaint options
  • Supports high resolution 30” monitor
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR guidelines


Compact Design

The ScanPro® 2000 combination carriers are designed for the rigors of public use. They use precision ground steel guides and steel bearings for reliability and long life.


Compact Design

  • Fiche Carrier (fiche, ultra fiche, jackets, aperture cards, micro opaques).
  • UCC150 manual combination carrier for fiche (including flat films listed above) and 35/16mm roll film.
  • UCC300 manual and motorized roll film carrier for: fiche (including flat films listed above) and motorized 16/35mm roll film.
  • UCC400 manual and motorized roll film carrier for: fiche (including flat films listed above) and motorized 16/35mm roll film and motorized cartridge film (M).

The microform carriers supplied with the ScanPro 2000 use heavy gauge steel and steel bearings on all moving parts. These carriers are used in microfilm conversion applications and in public use applications. A customer recently reported 'Our ScanPro's are constantly in use by the public, they just get hammered and they just keep working'.

These motorized combination carriers utilize a digital micro controller to precisely position the microfilm image on the view screen. The state-of-the-art design of these microfilm carriers makes it possible to position the film image without requiring the use of manual knobs found on old style carriers. These precision controllers make look ups and research faster and easier. A researcher using one of the old style carriers recently stated 'having to go back and forth between the screen controls and the manual knobs on the carrier to position the screen image is frustrating and time consuming'.

We have been asked why we have put so much effort into developing a precision carrier. Well, it makes for a better product, it lasts much longer and provides for better location of the microfilm image on the view screen. We developed these precision microform carriers right from the start so that we would have a carrier that could be used as a platform for automatic scanning. We currently scan microfilm with our AUTO-Scan software and plan to add the capability to scan fiche soon.

There are four microform carriers that are available with the ScanPro 2000. There is a flat film carrier and three combination carries to choose from.

All of these carriers use new parts and assemblies that are tested and aligned at the factory for precision performance (no obsolete or used carriers provided with the ScanPro 2000). 

Compact Design

The ScanPro 2000 with AUTO-Scan® Software Can Automatically Scan All of Your Microfilm.

Create Digital Collections. The ScanPro 2000 can be a microfilm reader pinter and with a single click the ScanPro 2000 will cross-over to creating digital collections from all of your microfilm. No other scanner can do that.

  • Scan up to 40 images per minute.
  • Create custom folders for your scans.
  • Select the file type for your scans, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, or TIFF compressed.
  • Select the name and starting suffix that will given to each scan.
  • Scan the entire roll of microfilm, or
  • Select the starting image and then specify how many scans to make.


  • Create you own digital collections that can be made available on the web.
  • Quickly prepare materials for Inter Library requests.
  • Convert the information stored on microfilm to database searchable files.
  • Prepare materials for courseware and placement on e-reserve.


ScanPro® 2000 users can access and operate the ScanPro 2000 from anywhere in the world using a standard internet connection.

Compact Design

The ScanPro 2000 is the only scanner that has been designed so that ALL the controls, roll film image movement, focus, image adjustment, enhancement, image cropping, and scanning are right on the viewing screen. It is that design feature that makes REMOTE-Access able to provide the remote operator with complete control of the ScanPro 2000.

And, best of all, this capability is available as standard on every ScanPro 2000 at no extra cost. No other microfilm scanner provides that capability.

Using the REMOTE-Access capability, sales or technical support personnel located anywhere in the world can access your ScanPro 2000. They can provide real-time operator training for individuals or for groups, demonstrate the latest new features and provide tips and suggestions on setting up your ScanPro 2000 to get the most out of your investment in microforms.

Millions and millions of valuable documents have been stored on microfilm, everything from rare primary source materials to government documents containing unique research opportunities. Now you can use your ScanPro 2000 to help you make the most out of your investment in micofilm. Using the REMOTE-Access capability of your ScanPro 2000, you can let anybody anywhere in the world, search, edit, scan and save information stored on your roll film. You just mount the roll film on your motorized roll film carrier and the remote operator does the rest.

Energy Star Compliant

The ScanPro® 2000 was designed from the bottom up to be energy efficient, engineering that earned it the Energy Star logo for environmentally friendly design.

  • Our "Cool Green" illumination system is hundreds of times more efficient than white lamps used in other equipment and doesn't generate harmful heat that could damage film.
  • The ScanPro's "Cool Green" illumination system doesn't contain materials found in CCFL illumination systems that have been identified by the EPA as a danger to health and harmful to the environment.
  • Its electronic components were selected for low power consumption and a special surface mount design was incorporated to minimize power usage.
  • When components are not required to be operational, they turn off automatically to save even more energy, features not available with any other microfilm equipment.
  • The ScanPro's power management feature lets users select the low-power sleep mode that best meets their application requirements.

Optional software Plug-in: AUTO-Scan is optional software that operates with your ScanPro 2000 and your motorized combination roll film carrier (UCC300 carrier for 35mm and 16mm microfilm or UCC400 carrier for 35mm, 16mm, and cartridge (M) microfilm) to automatically scan your microfilm. When AUTO-Scan is installed on your computer (the full version or the free demo version) an AUTO-Scan button is added to your library of buttons and can at anytime be added to your toolbar for automatic batch scanning . It is that easy.

How does AUTO-Scan work?
: The AUTO-Scan software automatically moves the film image into the viewing area and positions the image on the view screen, stops the film, straightens the image, crops the image and saves the image to the specified folder in the selected file format and then continues to the next image until finished. AUTO-Scan doesn't require your film to have "blips" for scanning.

Demo Version of AUTO-Scan.
We highly recommend that you evaluate AUTO-Scan with your own film using the demo version of AUTO-Scan that is included on every ScanPro 2000 install CD. Some film is difficult to automatically scan and we want to make sure that you know how AUTO-Scan works with your film before committing to a purchase. There is a no refund policy on AUTO-Scan so the evaluation step is very important.

The ScanPro® 2000 Video: See the features of the microform scanner of choice for librarians, researchers and corporations in action.