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Archiflow is the new powerful solution of Siav for the enterprise document management and the business process management. It comes out as an evolution of Archidoc and it enables the efficient management of the information document and process flow, of a company, public or private.

Thanks to its high level features you can define archives, document types and profiles for document classification. A completely graphic and interactive tool lets you design document processes, that is groups of activities provided with priorities, deadlines, involved roles, forwarding and controlling policies.

Another standing out feature of Archiflow is the possibility of producing supports for document dematerialization, via a module that can be applied both to fiscal and non fiscal documents. In the observance of the recent regulations as to the protection of the privacy, Archiflow implements extremely advanced security logics.

The interoperability of the systems for managing the IT protocol, integrated with the digital signature, assures the integrity and the validity of the transmitted digital information, providing documents with a legal value.  Its simple usage, its flexible configurations and the possibility of interfacing with the existing information systems make Archiflow the ideal tool for Business Process Management and Electronic Document Management.