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All-in-One, Easy Batch Scanning Software Kofax Express makes it easy for anyone to scan, organize and store documents, at speeds that make short work of batches big and small.

Easy enough for beginners, powerful enough for pros; let Kofax show you the new Express route to scanning.

Capture. And release.
A captured document image isn`t much use unless it can be saved in an accessible format and retrieved easily. That’s why in addition to single page (JPEG/TIFF/PDF) and multi-page (TIFF/PDF) format options, Kofax Express also includes release scripts that smoothly transfer saved documents to Microsoft SharePoint or Kofax Capture.

Advanced users can craft release scripts of their own by utilizing the Kofax Express release application programming interface (API).

Other features
Multi-task at work.
Air traffic control for your document images.
Every scanner needs VRS; so we included it.
Heads-up display
Raising the bar on bar codes.
Painless recovery when mistakes happen.
Kofax Express divides, you conquer.
No need to stop, you can fix it later.
Undo without becoming undone.

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