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ProView is a powerful scanning and processing software for all kinds of Scanning Tasks in a Library, An Archive, Any Museum, All GIS Projects and Land Survey Records Digitization.

The modular design offers the possibility to adapt the program to their individual tasks. You can start with ProView and complement the software progressively. ProView can be quickly and dynamically adapt to your needs.

ProView is a sophisticated software solution that guarantees a high degree of investment security and long-term support. Customer proximity and cooperation with users to secure the future advancement.

Bundled Free! with all ProServ Scanners sold in India


• OCR and Twain interface

• Interface for electronic delivery services, and barcode recognition

• Interface to the HP archiving software archive


Featured Product : Best Buy
ScanMaker 9800XL-TMA1600 (with TMA)  

ScanMaker 9800XL-TMA1600 (with TMA)

  • Removes Noise and Scraches while scanning
  • LaserSoft SilverFast Ai Pro included with the scanner
  • Special Web Price

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