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Project Consultancy

Formulating a strategy to manage the life cycle of your documents can at best be difficult and frequently companies do not have the internal skills required to do this. Do you have questions, need help, or want someone else to do the work of setting up an imaging system?

VIKMANS has the credentials, experience and creativity it takes to design an in-house document imaging solution in you firm or business. VIKMANS provides Professional Consultancy Services to help you get your project started or to move it along when you need additional resources or support. 

VIKMANS consulting services will help you to develop document content system strategies and requirements to ensure you acquire the best solution for your needs and assist you in all aspects including implementation.

VIKMANS content and work automation solutions optimize organizational performance of commercial, government and institutional organizations. VIKMANS has assisted a large number of clients in implementing state-of-the-art systems for managing, storing, and retrieving documents and information.

VIKMANS expertise, methodologies and business practices have facilitated organizations to implement solutions in a timely manner and derive best value for their investments.


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  • Duplex High Speed 90 ppm
  • MICR Reading while Scanning
  • Imprinter and Stamp

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