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VIKMANS has a long history of “deliberate innovation” along with a distinct vision and direction for the future. VIKMANS reseller program encourages you to align our products and enablement programs with your own business strategies. 

VIKMANS is committed to support you every step of the way. We offer a program that is built on value, innovation, and commitment. We have set the stage for success that supports you at every step, from pre-sales to field support. We work with you to help you grow and solidify your business. 
is approachable and responds promptly to reseller requests and needs.

We view our resellers as an extension of our team, playing a key-role in the go-to-market strategy and the overall success of our company. VIKMANS nurtures relationship with resellers to extend the existing sales reach, and attract new sales opportunities for both VIKMANS and our resellers. 

To further the business growth VIKMANS is aiming at broadening its reseller community. VIKMANS is looking for associates, in all leading metros, tier two and tier three cities nationwide, that are passionate and aggressive in pursuing new opportunities and acquiring new customers. Resellers would typically be expected to offer different combinations of products and digitzation solutions to satisfy customers` needs.

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VIKMANS Products can be sold in your own city to the large...




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Any Company in Existence for 3 to 5 years...


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It is very simple to join VIKMANS as a RESELLER....



Featured Product : Best Buy
Scamax 402CD  

Scamax 402CD

  • 90 PPM/180 IPM A3+ Size Upgradeable to 150 ppm/300ipm
  • Glass-less Imaging Guide for Fragile Documents / Pasted Photos
  • No duty Cycle Limits, Least Consumables, LONG LIFE

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