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The perishable nature of paper makes it difficult and complicated to preserve documents, even if you take due care. The history of image scanners, can be traced back to the period when telephotography was used to transfer images from one place to other.

Scanners have evolved a lot over the years and have revolutionized the office environment, helping businesses to increasingly go paperless, and making document reproduction and sharing easier and more effective.

Scanners are most commonly used to digitize traditional (non-digital) photo prints and/ or other printed graphics for long-term archiving or viewing on the computer monitor. Scanners are also used for transforming printed/handwritten documents into editable/searchable text on the computer and scanning film and/or slides, which can be particularly useful for graphic artists and photographers. Scanners, present a world of digital art possibilities at your fingertips!

Wide variety of scanners differing from one another in terms of feature and function are now available. The most common type of scanner is the flatbed scanner. Scanners vary in format size from letter sized scanners, to large format and wide format scanners and in mechanics from simple flatbed scanners to mechanically-driven scanners that move the document. Several industries have specialized scanning needs and scanners have been developed to cater to those needs.

You can browse and choose a scanner ideal for you from VIKMANS extensive range of scanners including flatbed, sheetfed, film, book and wide format scanners. Click on MORE below in the Category you are interested.

A0 Wide Format

High Speed A0 Size Scanners in Color for scanning of Drawings, Maps and Newspapers.


Photo/Film/TP Scanners

Novices create professional Prints from the Photos, Negatives and Transparencies without going to the Color Lab.


X-Ray/MRI Scanners

Physical X-Ray can be converted into digital image file very quickly and with excellent image quality.


Book - Automatic

Scan fragile old books opening only 60 degrees with Automatic Page Turning ScanRobot...


Book - Overhead

Scan Old Bound Books, Manuscripts, File Folders without removing pages...


Hybrid Book+Microfilm+FB

Create Microfilm and Image from Single scan on Hybrid Scanners by VIKMANS...


Bio Series

Professional Gel Scanner for Gel Electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting, etc.


Document Scanners

Capture Excellent Images from different types of paper, straight and cropped as per the size of the papers.


Microfilm Scanners

Capture images from Microfilm Rolls quickly and efficiently.


Microfilm Cameras

Create Microfilms for Long Term Archival of Documents


Book + Flatbed

Fast Flatbed with Special Bookedge to Scan Bound Books



Wide Variety of HIGH SPEED Professional Flatbed scanners A4 - A0 Size for GIS, MAPS, Books, Land Records...


NDT/RT Digitization

High Quality High Dmax Professional Scanner for scanning of Non Destructive Testing and Radiation Therapy X-Ray films...



Featured Product : Best Buy


  • Fast Speed 2500 pages/ hour
  • Handle Rare and Fragile Books with wavy pages very Gently
  • High Image Quality, LED Lighting - without UV , IR or Heat Radiation

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