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Partners : SilverFast

LaserSoft Imaging was founded in spring 1986 by the physicist Karl-Heinz Zahorsky, the president of the company today. LaserSoft Imaging became an early adaptor of color- and image processing on the Macintosh. In fact LaserSoft Imaging was the first to distribute innovative products e.g. video digitizers, such as Pixelogic's "ProViz" and Truvel's "TrueScan", the first professional color scanner for the PC, which was first shown at Hannover fair CEBIT in 1988, which LaserSoft Imaging was invited to by Apple Computer.

As of now, LaserSoft Imaging has created a very great interest in the industry with its developments and won numerous awards with SilverFast. Today LaserSoft Imaging is the only developer having successfully implemented highly sophisticated scan software for all major scanners (over 300) for MacOS and Windows. In the beginning LaserSoft Imaging's software was mainly distributed in Germany, but now, with its international and multi-platform solutions, SilverFast is distributed globally through distributors as well as world-wide bundle agreements with major manufacturers.

Since then the company has grown fast and has opened a US location in 1997. The company now has worldwide and national-wide operating partners such as Canon, HP, Seiko Epson, Cruse, Leica Camera AG, Microtek, Nikon, Pacific Image Electronics, Pentacon GmbH, PFU/Quato, Samsung, Umax; partners that bundle their hardware products with the software SilverFast.

With SilverFast DC-VLT, DCPro and DCPro Studio, a special development for digital SLR cameras with 48 bit raw format support and a Virtual Light Table (VLT) feature, was started in 2002.

In 2005 a unique development started which is now the crown of the SilverFast development: the SilverFast support for the best scanners in the world - the high-end Heidelberg (Linotype) Topaz, Tango, Nexscan and Chromagraph (3300 and 3400) scanners under the latest Mac OS-X (as well as under Windows) Operating System. 


SilverFast Archive Suite

SilverFast SE
SilverFast SE Plus

SilverFast Ai
SilverFast X-Ray
SilverFast Ai Studio

SilverFast DC SE
SilverFast DC VLT
SilverFast DCPro
SilverFast DCPro Studio

SilverFast HDR
SilverFast HDR Studio

SilverFast PrinTao
IT8 target productions
Transmissive targets (IT8.7/1) in formats of 35mm, 6x7cm and 4x5"
Reflective targets (IT8.7/2) in formats of 10x15cm and 5x7" Fujicolor / Kodak
Full format reflective target (IT8.7/2) in format of 16x21cm
Digital camera targets (no IT8 standard possible) as Pocket Target or Studio Target