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VIKMANS offers hands on training to operate, repair different kinds of scanners, supervise scanning projects, operate a specific scanner, document management software or establish your own BPO. It is a practical training and experience.

Certificate courses are conducted by the Principal Companies in India on regular basis and are sought after by the highly paid project managers.

 We have a course for everyone, who wants to pursue a career in the IT industry specific to the field of Digitization as a specialist:

  • Scanner Operator
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Software Engineer 
  • Skilled Office Assistant / Secretarial Job
  • Supervisor on scanning project
  • Business Development / Marketing
  • Start a BPO of his/her own
  • Digitization Cosultant

You are welcome to participate in next training session, available at very nominal fees but extensive in nature.


Featured Product : Best Buy


  • A3 Size 60 PPM Duplex (120 images per minute)
  • Optical Resolution 600 dpi
  • Button Manager scans directly to Adobe certified searchable PDF!

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