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Wicks and Wilson manufacture a complete range of Scanstations capable of automatic batch conversion of both 16mm and 35mm roll film. Models are available with performance and productivity features to suit applications ranging from occasional roll conversion to multi-shift digitisation projects.

All Wicks and Wilson roll film scanners feature clear graphical wizards and fixed lens system to simplify set-up and get you scanning more quickly.

8850 Scanstation

Fully featured high-volume roll film scanner with unique image processing system utilising the latest nVIDIA GPU technology.

  • Captures a complete roll of film in minutes, creating digitised greyscale and bitonal images simultaneously at full speed
  • Compatible with Virtual Scanstation, Wicks and Wilson`s comprehensive off-line QA tool

RS Series

An extensive range of roll film scanners with performance features and characteristics to suit low to mid-volume conversion projects.  All models provide fully automated roll film digitisation and productivity tools.


Virtual Scanstation
Comprehensive productivity tool that enables 100% QA inspection and image reprocessing without the need to interupt production scanning to rescan the microfilm.

  • Captures digital archive of the entire film - never miss an image
  • Virtual rescan feature enables image adjustment without rescanning the film
  • Framing tools insert missing pages
  • Easily integrates with existing workflow software
  • Fully compatible with the 8850 Scanstation

8850 Roll Film Scanstation

Automatically capture greyscale and bitonal images from roll film at the highest possible quality...


Virtual Scanstation

Virtual Scanstation is the off-line QA software tool that enables digital images created from roll film using the 8850 Scanstation to be checked and reprocessed without having to re-access the microfilm


RS roll film scanners

Fully featured scanning systems which will scan both 16 and 35mm roll film, simplex or duplex, positive or negative, bitonal or greyscale.