Colour Microfilm Processor

  • Processing based on ilford P-5
  • Touch Screen Control Panel , Fully Automated
  • 7 Deep Tanks with smart automatic replenish unit
  • Complement equipment such as MD AW Series
  • Next Generation Micrographics Equipment

Develops 16 mm or 35 mm Microfilms , length upto 66 m

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Microfilm will continue to remain an important component of modern information and data storage. The latest MD PRO 2 colour microfilm deep tank processor is developed to complement today’s COM equipment such as the MD AW Series of colour archive writers.

  • The MD PRO 2 processing is based on ilford P-5 that guarantees perfect results to meet the high demands of microfilm processing with regard to long-term durability, archiving security and high throughput. The system contains 7 deep tanks that has a smart automatic replenish unit and the latest touch screen control panel that gives the user an intuitive control over the microfilm processing. The standard version of the film processor can develop either 16 mm or 35 mm microfilms with a length of up to 66 m.The MD PRO 2 microfilm processor is a fully automated deep-tank developing system equipped with a fully electronic control and monitoring system with a multifunctional operator terminal. This enables precision control not only of the optimum developer temperature but of the desired transport speed and developing time for the film or the fixing heater as the basis for perfect and totally reliable film processing for archiving requirements.In this micrographics industry for more than 20 years and also a manufacturer of archive writers, MD PRO 2 is the result of the next generation of colour microfilm processors with today’s cutting edge technology.