Versascan 36100 Flatbed Scanner

A0 x 2 Size Flatbed Scanner

  • 2540x915mm (100″x36’’)
  • 1200 ppi, Sealed & Dust Proof, White LED
  • Gbit Network, Roll Away Mount
  • Lid: White coating: Transparent Originals

Double A0 Size Wide Format Scanner 

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The VERSASCAN 36100 is a unique Double A0+ flatbed scanner for real oversize originals. Finally a product arrived in the market that many customers have been waiting for. No more multiple scanning and stitching! With a scanning range of 2540 x 915 mm (100 x 36 inches) the MAP MASTER XXL flatbed scanner covers most originals that A0 flatbed scanners cannot handle.

The MAP MASTER XXL flatbed scanner is also superior to extremely expensive high resolution cameras as it provides a much higher optical resolution over the entire scanning range. A 600 dpi scan corresponds to 1296MP! This is more than 18 times higher than a 70MP camera can achieve!

Like all our flatbed scanners the VERSASCAN 36100 can easily be moved around due to its unique roll-away mount – a very important feature for such a big flatbed scanner!