Resellers : Who can be Vikmans Reseller!

What a Reseller should be!

  • Any Company in Existence for 3 to 5 years and in the business of selling and supporting IT / Office equipments.
  • The Dealers Major Customers should be Government Departments, Corporates, Banks, Telecom Companies, Libraries, Institutions and BPO services.
  • The existing office should be in location where customers can visit and see demo of the scanners, Sales team should be capable to show presentations, Engineers should be capable to install and support scanner installations
  • The firm has to be Sales Tax registered firm and the PAN No. in existence for at least 2 years.
  • We expect the willingness to invest in the basic Demo Scanners and Stocks
  • Marketing activities experience is desirable and willingness to particpate in such acitivities is a must.
  • VIKMANS will be requiring the Credentials of the firm, like 6 months Bank Account Statements, Last Year audited balance sheet and at least two references in the industry.

Types of Relationship as Resellers of VIKMANS

  • Digitisation Consultant
  • Valed Added Resellers
  • Valued Added Authorised Dealer
  • State Level Distributor with Authorised Service Centre
  • OEM / System Integrator
  • Bulk Buyer as a BPO, National Organisation

**Vikmans Reseller Terms and Conditions