Resellers : Where to sell Vikmans Products!

e-governance in parallel to Digitisation is of prime importance in all the organisations, Government or Private, Local or National, LIbrary or Archive.

VIKMANS Products can be sold in your own city to the large number of

  • News Papers Publishers
  • Media Agencies – Media Monitoring
  • Schoool, Colleges, Universities and Training Institutions
  • Libraries, Archives & Museums
  • Corporate & Industrial Houses
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Telecom, Insurance and any Monthly Subscribers Company Accepting Application Forms
  • Photostat Shops and Professional Photographers
  • Hospitals and Medical Research Institutions
  • Lawyers, Courts, Land Records and Govt. Offices
  • Shipping, Airline and Railways
  • Engineers, Doctors and Professionals
  • Research & Development Instiutions
  • GIS – Land Records and Maps Conversion
  • BPO – Business Process Outsource Companies
  • Any IT enabled Office

Scanners are required everywhere where paper exists and we have one for every type of Paper Document.