ArtixScan M2

Photo, Negative, Positive Film

  • Auto Focus scan head delivers accurate scanning results.
  • Twin scanbed with patented Emulsion Direct Imaging Technology (E.D.I.T.).
  • Built-in film scanner with Snap Trans™ holders.
  • Energy-saving LED light source.
  • ScanWizard™ Pro scanning software (PC Only)

Legal Size Flatbed

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Enhanced from ArtixScan M1, the ArtixScan M2 captures sharp, astonishing and detailed images more faster. With 4800-dpi optical CCD and the Auto Focus technology, it enables users to focus on a specific area on scanned reflective or films and to get more sharper image. Only Microtek provides the Emulsion Direct Image Technology (E.D.I.T.) for distortion-free glassless film scanning, efficiently eliminating any of problems associated with normal glass transparency scanning such as Newton rings and surface imperfection.

Microtek Bio-5000 Plus

Auto Focus scan head delivers accurate scanning results.
This feature allows the scanner to adjust the focus position on images through the movement of the CCD, resulting in better image quality for a chosen area of the target, which can especially be best seen when used with uneven, creased photos and film.

Twin scanbed with patented Emulsion Direct Imaging Technology (E.D.I.T.).

This is a patented “glassless” scanning system built into the lower bay of Microtek’s dual media scanners, allowing the scanner CCD to directly read the emulsion side of the film during scanning without any interfering pane of glass. This effectively eliminates problems associated with normal glass transparency scanning like Newton Rings, resulting in distortion-free images.

Built-in film scanner with Snap Trans™ holders.

The ArtixScan M2 is a built-in film scanner with a separate moving light source that allows you to scan film and transparencies up to 8.5” x 10”. Included exclusive Snap Trans™ film holders accommodate 35mm slides, 35mm filmstrips, 4” x 5” film, and medium format film up to 6 x 17-cm panoramic. The 4” x 5”and medium format film holders are specially designed with spring actuated tension grips that hold the film perfectly flat, ensuring consistent scan results and yielding sharper image quality.

Energy-saving LED light source.
Adopting LEDs as the light source, when the scanner is detected by the system, there is no need to warm up before carrying out the scan, which boots your productivity and reduces energy costs amazingly. With its stable performance, the image quality will remain consistent even after used for a certain period of time.
ScanWizard™ Pro scanning software ( PC Only).
This is an advanced scanner controller program that provides many powerful, professional-level features for scanning. ScanWizard Pro features two color spaces, allowing users to work in the Native CMYK / RGB mode, as well as in the intuitive LCH (Lightness, Chroma, Hue) mode.
Auto Dynamic Range
This function automatically adjusts the brightness and darkness of the scanned image to extend the dynamic range of the scanned image and make it looks clear and pleasant.
State-of-the-art ColoRescue function.
With ColoRescue, the ArtixScan M2 restores faded colors in photos and film, bringing hues back to their original luster and brilliance for more vibrant images. ColoRescue’s one-click, automatic color recovery process is simple and easy to use.
Descreen feature can remove moire patterns when scanning pictures or photographs printed in magazines or newspapers.
Support network scanning.
Microtek’s ScanWizard pro implements a network scanning feature(Windows only) that allows this scanner to be shared among clints and server in a local area network. This utility makes it easy to share a scanner within an office.
Tailor-made Scanning Software for Mac System.
Bundled with ScanPotter scanning software, exclusively designed for Mac OS. More Details about ScanPotter.
Text To Speech ( TTS)
Converts written texts into spoken languages, supporting English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. You can also save the speech in AIFF format and replay it later easily.
Online Update.
When detecting the latest version through the Internet, ScanPotter will automatically remind users to download the update.
Saves scanned images or documents to cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Picasa, Google Drive, Yahoo Flickr) or shares them to social network (Facebook, Twitter).

Additional information

Product Name

ArtixScan M2

Model Type


Scanner Type

Desktop color flatbed scanner

Image Sensor Type



4800 x 9600 dpi

Light Source


Scanning Area

Reflective: 8.5"x 14" (216 x 356mm)
Transparent: 8" x 10"(203 x254 mm)

Dynamic Range

Transparency ≧ 0.15 ~ 4.2 D

Bit Depth

48 bit

Paper Size

Legal Size


Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0)



Scanable Media Types

Transparent, Reflective

Supported Film Types

8”x10”, 4" x 5" film, 6 x 22 cm film, 135 mm film strip, 35 mm slide framed

OS Support

Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ 8 (ScanWizard Pro) ; Mac OS X 10.6 or later (ScanPotter)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

22.3" x 15.1" x 6.3"/ 567 x 385 x 158 mm


26.4 lbs (12 kg)



Power Source

AC 100V ~ 240 V

System Requirements PC

CD-ROM drive (for installing software)
Color display with 24-bit color output capability
512 MB RAM or more
Pentium IV PC or higher with USB 2.0 port
Microsoft Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7

System Requirements MAC

CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive (for installing software)
Color display with 24-bit color output capability
1 GB RAM or more (2 GB is recommended)
Mac computer (Intel CPU) with built-in USB port
Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Inbox Contents

Scanner unit
Hi-Speed USB cable(USB 2.0)
Power adaptor
Software CD(s)
User’s manual(s)
Film holders

Software Included

Microtek ScanWizard Pro
Microtek ScanPotter (Mac)
ABBYY FineReader SprintL
Adobe PhotoShop Elements


Film Holders (4" x 5" film, 6 x 22 cm film, 135 mm film strip, 35 mm slide framed), Glass Holder Assembly, Main Holder Assembly