• Up to two High-Speed Output Hoppers
  • Dual Input Hopper Tray with 1,000 sheet capacity each.
  • Straight-through Paper Path for documents up to 2 mm thick.
  • Color Touch Screen Display with latest multi-touch navigation.
  • Height Adjustable for ergonomic, effortless working.

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Very high throughput, outstanding paper handling, maximum operator comfort and a very low cost of ownership makes the SCAMAX® 8×1 production scanner the right tool for all highvolume scanning applications. 

High performance scanners used in a daily production environment are subject to very high  expectations from users. Performance in terms of speed, brilliance of image quality and robustness with respect to life expectancy are basic requirements in high volume scanning projects. 

Modular designed, upgradable scanners employing technologies aimed at long-term usability are what the high volume scanning market demands. With the SCAMAX® 8×1 scanner series InoTec GmbH positions a new, unique performance class in the highperformance scanner market.


  • Up to two High-Speed Output Hoppers
    for orderly collection of scanned documents without loss of scan speed.
  • Dual Input Hopper Tray
    with 1,000 sheet capacity each, facilitates continuous feeding to ensure uninterrupted scanning.


  • Color Touch Screen Display
    with latest multi-touch navigation for simple, intuitive operation.
  • Height Adjustable
    for ergonomic, effortless working. Each operator’s optimum work height can be memorized in the
    system’s user management area.


Straight-through Paper Path
for documents up to 2 mm thick, including additional Output Hopper for separation of headers, barcodes, double feed sheets and more.


  • Image Enhancement PDT

Complete Image Processing on board, e.g. gamma correction, digital color filtering, bicubic deskew, cropping and dynamic binarisation for perfect bitonal images.

In addition, PDT offers functions like multistreaming (simultaneous output of color, greyscale and bitonal images), automatic blank page detection, content based rotation, automatic or patch-code controlled color detection, and much more …

Additional information

Scan process

CCD linescan camera, encapsulated

Optical resolution

600 dpi

Output resolution

150, 200, 300, 400 und 600 dpi (Dual or multi resolution possible)

Output Compression

TIFF CCITT Group IV, JPEG or uncompressed output

Lighting system

Focusing LED illumination unit

Bitonal image

1 Bit color depth, bitonal

Greyscale image

8 Bit, 256 grey levels

Color image

24 Bit; 16,8 million colours (true color)*

DeskewImage processing

PDT (Perfect Document Technology)
– dynamic binarisation (colAdapt)
– gamma correction (3-level-correction)
– digital color filter (red, green, blue)
– bicubic deskew
– black border removal (cropping)
– content based rotation
– bates stamping (electronic image stamp)
– and more …

Input voltage

100 – 240 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz, 2 A (at 115 V)

Power consumption

Operating 400-600* W, sleep mode < 1 W


Width 1280 mm / Height 1070 – 1720 mm (with second output hopper additional 320mm) / Depth 1160 mm (with output box on rear side 1350 mm)


142 – 182* kg

Noise level

Operating: < 64 dB(A)*, Ready for opertating: < 40 db (A), Standby: 0 dB (A)


via Graphic TouchScreen Communication Panel (TSCP)

PC Connection



TWAIN, (ISISTM in preperation)

Document input

– Stack height of 100 mm (approx. 1000 sheets with 80 gsm paper) and integrated support for A3 size documents
– Hight adjustable from 640 mm up to 1290 mm (650 mm lifting hight)
– Dual input hopper tray (option) for two 1000 sheets batches and automatic side-switch function

Document width

28 mm – 317,5 mm

Document length

60 mm to 450 mm**, form stack

Standard Formats

ISO: A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, B4, B5, B6, B7
US: Ledger, Legal, Letter, Executive, Invoice

Max. throughput thickness

2 mm,
as option 5 mm***

Document weight

40 gsm to 280 gsm***

Feed process control

Mechanical paper separation and Double feed control, via three individually controllable ultrasound sensors (can be independently programmed)

Flow control

PaperFlowControl (PFC) , electronic length check can be activated

Document output

– Output Hopper on top with 140 mm stack height
– Output rear side with straigth-through paper path and separating function
– Second output Hopper on top (option)
– Highspeed output Hopper (option)

Endorser (Imprinter)

– Imprinter (pre-scan on document front side)
– Endorser (post-scan on document back side)
– Electronic image stamp (Bates Stamp)

Daily duty cycle