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  • Create Professional Digital Press Reviews
  • Integrated OCR for Titles and Subtitles
  • Screenshot of Original Newspaper Page
  • Print Media + Web Articles, Time Saving

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newsWorks is a software program used to create professional digital press reviews. Our clients include global companies, federal ministries and institutions, as well as media monitoring agencies. A newsWorks digital press review is multimedia-based and can be forwarded as a download, email, RSS, or app to any number of recipients. No matter where you are or when, all devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets are served with the highest standard of press review. By using newsWorks, you are able to create top-level digital press reviews that are sleek, well-arranged, and user-friendly — the foundation for the right strategic decisions and a successful business.

Why newsWorks

A press review is the daily calling card of the company’s press department to the board of directors and other press-review recipients. This is why we focus strongly on the best technology, an appealing design, and customized solutions to provide you with the best software for your press work. Flexible modules ensure that you get the product that matches your needs. Selected configurations offer the possibility to efficiently correct and adapt article contents, delete unnecessary duplications (e.g., identical press bulletins), and arrange the clippings in fitting rubrics. An additional highlight is the option to evaluate articles and have a graphical analysis of your media response.

How newsWorks works

Thanks to its flexible, modular system, newsWorks adapts perfectly to your needs and demands.

newsClip is the module for clipping selected articles from newspapers, magazines, and websites. It is equipped with an integrated OCR for titles and subtitles. newsClip also provides you with a scan of the original page from which the article was clipped. This allows the press-review reader to include neighboring material in his/her evaluation.

newsPress is the standard module for selecting, assembling, and arranging press articles in a digital press review.

If more than one newsClip is in use, a workflow module called newsFlow ensures smooth control of the machining sequence and distribution process. Additional modules, such as newsRead and newsCorr Server , contribute to a significant increase in the efficiency of the operations process.

Remote clipping service
If you want to select relevant articles for your press review, but want to outsource the laborious clipping – contact us.