Microfilm, Microfiche, Aperture Card Scanner

  • Automatic Frame Detection & Scanning
  • Scan, Print & Save Colour, Grayscale, Bitonal
  • 16 & 35 mm Roll Film, Photographic Slides
  • 18MP Active Pixel Sensor array, 2400 dpi

On Demand Universal Microform Scanner

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Building on the unprecedented success of the original UScan Universal Film scanner and incorporating more than 40 years of production-level manufacturing, Crowley now offers a full UScan+ UF-Series. Engineered to continuously advance with the latest technology, the UScan+ UF-Series offers today’s most affordable scanners for public access and low-volume back-office use. Driven by ease-of-use and maximum image clarity, the UScan+ UF-Series simply and efficiently digitizes all microfilm and photographic material formats on a single unit. Clients worldwide have replacing archaic and outdated microfilm reader-printers with the digitally capable UScan+ UF-Series.

  • Designed for Public Use Walk-up scanner with sturdy construction, customizable interface, Kensington lock security, whisper-quiet operation, optional pay-per-use interface and low maintenance requirements. Ideally suited to library, office and museum applications.
  • On-demand Multi-format Scanning Digitizes roll microfilm, microfiche/microcards, aperture cards, and photographic slides/negatives with icon-driven touchscreen interface
  • Scan, Print or Save in color, grayscale or bitonal
  • HighResolution USB3 Image Sensor in 18MP or 10MP Higher image sensors provide full-motion response, eliminating on-screen distortions
  • Learn-As-You-Go Auto Focus Increase efficiency as the UScan+ learns favorite focus and zoom positions to speed up image access, review and output
  • User-defined Quick Start Customize start-up settings specific to the type of in-house media or end-user for improved efficiency
  • One-click Instant Capture Automatically detect and save frames on the film
  • Flexible Output Options Save files to hard drive or personal USB/flash drive; print to hard copy; output to cloud, email and more
  • InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Compatible Fully-compatible with ILL document delivery service
  • Searchable Text (OCR) and Foot-pedal Optional features add value to efficient research methods
  • RapidScan Option Fully-automatic motorized film advance and frame detection for batch scanning (see reverse side for models)

Additional information

Image Sensor*

18MP ultra-high resolution active pixel area array sensor with real-time on-screen view.

Compatible Film Types

Microfiche; jackets; jumbo fiche; ultrafiche; AB Dick; microcards; 16/35mm roll microfilm; cartridge (M-type, C-clip);
aperture cards; photographic slides; negatives; 35mm perforated films

Lens Optics

Production-level, high-end customized lens developed specifically for microform clarity

Capture Time

1/3 second per image

Maximum Scan Area

35 x 47/ 1.38 x 1.85 inches (on film)

Output Resolution

100-2400 dpi

Output Options

Scan to file, network, USB, print, email, Cloud, Dropbox, Google Docs

Focus Adjustment

Automatic and manual

Sensor Optimization

Included; fully adjustable optical image rotation

Zoom Adjustments

Motorized (optical) and digital

File Formats

TIFF (raw, compressed, single or multi); PDF (single, multi-page); JPEG; JPEG 2000; BMP; GIF; PNG

Integrated USB Output

Two built in USB ports (with backwards compatibility)

Light Source

Custom-calibrated, color-compatible LED array


Integrated Kensington lock slot


USB 3.0

Operating System**

Windows Professional Systems (all 64 bit only): 7; 8, 8.1, 10 (with Intel Processor)


Base Unit Only: 12 x 20.3 x 9in (304.8 x 515.62 x 228.6mm)/ With Film Carrier: 17 x 20.3 x 9in (431.8 x 515.62 x 228.6mm)


16 lbs / 7.2 kg

Reduction Ratio

7x to 105x

Capture Mode

Color, grayscale or bitonal

Standard Features

Touchscreen; manual and motorized roll film pods; smart edit; opaque microcard LED, 3M adapter; RapidScan Batch Scanning; timed auto-capture for film and fiche; annotation

Scanner Options

Vendor interface kit; OCR; foot pedal